A statue honoring the jazz musician was recently dedicated in Greensboro, North Carolina. The statue sits at S Hamilton St & Commerce Avenue, High Point, NC 27260. Dedicated to the memory of Coltrane, the eight-foot-high bronze statue is a beautiful tribute to his music. Designed by artist Peter Boozer, the statue captures the spirit of the man who made jazz music popular in the United States. It was unveiled on the late Coltrane’s 80th birthday to celebrate the musician’s life and legacy. Next post

The eight-foot-tall John Coltrane statue honors the legendary jazz saxophonist. Located on the northeast corner of High Point City Hall, this tribute is the perfect place to honor the musician. The 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture is a tribute to the music of this legendary jazz musician. It is a fitting tribute to the community’s commitment to preserving the legacy of John’s music.

The statue is located in a house owned by the city of High Point, NC. The statue is the only tribute to the late jazz musician. In fact, it’s a permanent fixture. It is located just off the town square. In addition, it’s the site of the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival. This event is held each year, and will feature top-flight jazz musicians. The sculptor was inspired by Coltrane’s hometown and the school where he graduated. The monument was dedicated to the legendary saxophonist on his 80th birthday.

The eight-foot-tall statue represents the legendary jazz saxophonist. The statue was dedicated on his 80th birthday. The community is proud of the artist’s accomplishments. While the statue is not permanent, it does honor the musician’s legacy. It’s located on the corner of North High Street. This monument also features a commemorative plaque and a framed portrait of the artist.

The City of High Point has been home to the Coltrane Monument since 2006. The eight-foot bronze statue of the renowned jazz saxophonist was dedicated on his 80th birthday. The memorial is also a popular place to visit for visitors and is located in downtown High Point. The location of the monument is one of the most picturesque in the city. Its location is near the famous high-point college.

A special exhibit at the High Point Museum honoring the jazz legend features items from his childhood home. This includes a piano he played when he was a boy. It is also a great place to learn more about the Coltrane family’s history. Its members have collected photographs and facts about the jazz legend’s life. The museum is free of charge and is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. During the summer, the museum is closed on Labor Day. More

The Friends of John Coltrane are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the life and legacy of the legendary jazz musician. Founded in 2005, the Friends of John Coltrane are dedicated to enhancing the lives of people through jazz and other musical genres. By supporting the Friends of the John, you can contribute to the mission of the museum and support the creation of a new Coltrane statue.