Eco Friendly Cleaning Service

Benefits of Green Cleaning

If you spend even a tiny amount of time exploring how the workplace impacts workers, what you discover is shocking. While it is easy to understand the ways that issues like sunlight versus natural light, or specific hues and colors can actually affect workers, it is even more astonishing to discover how the level of cleanliness affects workers. It is why it is of such significance for any firm to understand the many benefits of an eco-friendly cleaning service.

Risks in the Workplace Easily Overcome by Eco-Friendly Cleaning

One expert on sanitary conditions in the workplace has a lot to say about the benefits of green cleaning and the financial impacts of health problems that arise from inadequate or poorly managed cleaning. Let’s consider a few of their key points, and how the many benefits of an eco-friendly cleaning service can address them.

Cognitive skills are actually reduced by up to six percent in a workplace that is overly dusty. This is something that can easily occur thanks to the use of computers, photo copying machines, and paper. Most people will experience everything from problems with creative or logical thinking to flu or cold-like symptoms because of dust. Yet, one of the top benefits of an eco friendly cleaning service is that it leaves your workplace free of dust and irritating chemicals and can actually improve productivity by up to eight percent with a thorough cleaning.

In addition to the safe and effective elimination of dust and particles by a green cleaning service in Greensboro, NC, there are further benefits to be gained.

For one, an eco friendly cleaning provider is also going to be able to effectively decontaminate many surfaces – including break room equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves and the many faucets and handles that are constantly in use. They will also treat keyboards, phones and computer mice that can also harbor irritants and germs, and all without any potentially harmful cleansers.

Naturally, one of the main benefits of an eco friendly cleaning service doing this is that they never use compounds that, themselves, might cause problems. After all, it could be exposure to chemicals as well as any poorly cleaned surfaces (and germs) that can lead to a worker’s absence due to illness or poor health. An eco friendly cleaning service in Greensboro, NC can work with your company to discuss the best options for handling this issue and helping to cut back on worker sick days or underperformance due to the side effects of chemical cleaners.

Beyond Worker Health

Not only will a company that works with a greener cleaning provider enjoy such benefits as improved worker performance, fewer sick days and the elimination of risks of worker injury from chemicals, but they also win with their clientele, too.

This is because one of the most unrecognized benefits of an eco friendly cleaning service is the simple fact that green cleaning works. Though the concept of eco friendly cleaners makes many think of less effective or more labor intensive cleaning, the reality is that one of the top benefits of green cleaning is that it is shown to be easy and, often, more effective.

Your customers are going to respond to the level of cleanliness in any waiting rooms, rest rooms, offices or other spaces. As one expert noted, “customers place a very high value on cleanliness when it comes to deciding which businesses they want to patronize”. If you want the best possible scenarios for your workers and your clients, you can enjoy them as one of the benefits of an eco friendly cleaning service.

At True Clean Experience, clients can choose from an array of greener cleaning services and the many benefits they bring.