How To Pick The Right Cleaning Company In Greensboro NC

When it comes to having a clean home or office, finding the best cleaning company from the many out there makes all the difference. We at True Clean Experience (TCE), know that we are in a highly competitive industry that has everyone from reputable players to those who are downright quacks. That is why we have seen the need to help you know how to tell the right cleaning service providers to hire and how we are the perfect fit for the job.

1. Price Quotes

Before you rush to hire cleaners, you should do some shopping around to compare prices. Getting quotes from at least three companies can give preference to the service provider with the best offer for quality services. While there is little difference in the costs, the ideal option is to go for the cleaners that give you the most bang for your buck.

We provide quality cleaning services are competitive prices. We prove comprehensive price quotes that include everything from the cost of customized cleaning to that of the materials and labor.

2. Experience

We believe that experience is not just about the skills and knowledge acquired through training, but also when putting that knowledge and skills to the test when working. We have been in the cleaning services industry for more than five years and have amassed incomparable expertise on how to deliver quality home and office cleaning solutions.

We are not saying that longevity in any service-oriented space is a guarantee of excellent service delivery, but it still is a factor that we firmly believe weighs in when deciding on which company to hire. After all, how would a cleaning business stay operational for many years without having content customers?

3. Service Guarantee

It is with your rights to expected satisfaction guarantee, which is something that all the cleaning companies out there will be quick to promise. But what you need to ask yourself is what does the “satisfaction guarantee” mean? Will the cleaning company refund your money or do a repeat job if you are dissatisfied? But even then, why would they not deliver on the quality cleaning they promised in the first place? It is something worth thinking about when you are asking about work guarantees.

4. References

In the years that True Clean Experience has been running, we have built a long list of satisfied customers that are become loyal clientele. And since we know the significance of having a list of references, we are confident of giving you a list that you can reach out to and ask about the quality of our services.

5. Service Diversity

You are spending money to get cleaning services that meet your needs and expectations. The cleaning services provider you hire should provide a range of cleaning solutions. At TCE, we have diversified our services to include commercial cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, maid services, deep spring cleaning, janitorial services, and office cleaning services. Moreover, we are keen to use green cleaning products and methods that we can customize to meet your needs and expectations.

We at True Clean Experience are a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning company. That means that we provide quality services with the guarantee of protecting your premises and belongings from any unanticipated damages or loss. But that said, TCE has a team of highly trained professional cleaners that work fast and meticulously while paying attention to every detail to avoid any damage and provide impressive results.

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