Financial Benefits of Eco Friendly Office Cleaning

A study out of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada said that "'Environmentally responsible' commercial buildings are growing in popularity," and it has to do with much more than their building materials, construction methods or their lower energy consumption. Their rise in popularity also has a lot to do with the ways that eco-friendly and/or ecologically sustainable practices are in use in all corners of these buildings, including eco-friendly office cleaning. Consider Eco-Friendly [...]

Optimal Health With Green Office Cleaning in Greensboro NC

How much of your time do you think you spend indoors? Would it surprise you to discover that most people spend around 90% of their time inside! And though we might think that this keeps us away from allergens with the potential to irritate our sinuses or cause health issues, the air inside is around two to five times more polluted or full of irritants than the air outdoors. This makes it even more [...]

Office Cleaning Service in Greensboro NC

Research has shown that employees are more productive and internally motivated when working in a clean and conducive professional environment. Customers are also more likely to trust and invest in a brand that upholds a well-organized and clean space associated with the brand. When your office needs cleaning services, call on True Clean Experience. We can ensure that your business reaches and/or maintains its clean, organized and professional image. Top Rated Commercial Cleaning Service [...]

Tips for Top Spring Cleaning in Greensboro

Even though it seems as if summer is suddenly upon us, many have yet to tackle spring cleaning. This is that annual event in which a home or office is aired out, all kinds of clutter is purged and surfaces that have not been cleaned for an unhealthily long period of time are finally addressed. In other words, it is all about removing dust, dander, debris and dirt. If you are about to tackle [...]

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